The project consortium comprising, 5 partners from 3 European countries, 4 of which are SME (76,7% of the project consortium) and 1 is a RTD and thus clearly demonstrated that the project meets the requirements for a DEMONSTRATION ACTION Project.

An overview of the role of each partner within the project is described below:


  • Coordinator of the Project.
  • Worp package leader for Adaptation and prototype re-design for the final machine industrialization.
  • Manufacture of the Sonorus machines.
  • Contribution to the adaptation of the control system for the commercial machine
  • Contribution to Exploitation Plan and Dissemination and Pilot Demonstration activities.

  • Work package leader for Performance verification of the machine in industrial conditions.
  • Contribution in the definition of Sonorus machine requirements.
  • Validation of the Machines performance in real industrial conditions working at full capacity.
  • Contribution to the comparison between USM Technology (ultrasound moulding) vs. Traditional Technologies (F.I injection moulding).
  • Contribution to Exploitation and Dissemination & Pilot Demonstration activities.

  • Work package leader for Viability studies for increasing the functionality and performance of the machine and the target market/sector.
  • Responsible for analyzing data from validation phase and propose solutions for improving the Sonorus machine regarding the ultrasound components.
  • Responsible for proposing viability studies in order to customize the machine for possible new business market .
  • Contribution to Exploitation and Dissemination & Pilot Demonstration activities

  • Work package leader for Market studies and Competitive Intelligence study of the technology.
  • Coordinator and responsible of the quality of the Demonstration Activities along the project.
  • Responsible supported by Ascamm for including the ultrasound technology in the machines.
  • Responsible for the commercialization around the world and technical support of the Sonorus machine.
  • IPR Manager and chaired of the Exploitation Committee.
  • Responsible of the Dissemination & Pilot Demonstration activities, supported by Ascamm.

  • Work package leader for Dissemination activities: Pilot Demonstrations & Exploitation Plan.
  • Communication responsible within the project.
  • Contribution to the definition of general requirements for the final commercial machine.
  • Contribution to the adaptation of the full machine control system.
  • Support to the manufacturing of the full commercial machine.
  • Responsible for manufacturing micro-mould customized for USM technology for the validation phase.
  • Validation of the Sonorus Machine working on industrial lab conditions and comparison of USMTM vs. Injection Moulding or traditional Technologies.
  • Implementation of measures of parameters.
  • Scale up studies for the potential fields of Sonorus.