The aim of the SONO“R”US project is the improving, optimizing and industrial implementing of the pre-commercial moulding machinedeveloped in the previous SONOPLAST Project, for the production of complex plastic parts in the micro and mini scale size through a higher dosage. This equipment must de developed according to new parameters of ultrasounds while complying with technical requirements of micromoulding, like repetitiveness, quality, profitability, etc.

Additionally, SONO”R”US project focuses part of its activities on market analysis and business models for reaching the best strategy for the worldwide exploitation of the commercial machine.

In order to achieve the expected results, the structure of the work plan stressed in the:

  1. Optimization of the prototype/machine by using technical criteria and relevant data parameters analysis.
  2.  Validation of optimized proposals. Consequently, there is a need for developing 2 pre-commercial machines for reaching a complete validation of the technology to be introduced into the market:

In a preliminary stage, validation of the first machine (Machine1) in an expert industrial laboratory.

With the best options (technical/cost analysis) from Machine1, Machine 2 will be tested in industrial conditions at full capacity.

Sonorus targets and objetives will be achieved through the following 6 Work Package (WP):

  1. Adaptation and prototype re-design for the final machine industrialization
  2. Performance verification of the machine in industrial conditions
  3. Market studies and competitive intelligence study of the technology
  4. Feasibility studies for increasing functionality and performance of the machine and target market
  5. Dissemination activities: Pilot Demonstration and Exploitation of the Project Results
  6. Project Management